Back again, new and improved, we return to our irregularly programmed schedule…

Yes, I have been absent from this site. The main reason is that I have resigned from my teaching position at Eaglehawk SC, despite widespread protests…no, not true; no-one is indispensable. I’ve been settling into my new role as a youth work trainer with Praxis. However, I’m planning to continue creating podcasts on history, because it’s fun!

If you’d like, you can comment on this post with some suggestions for historical podcasts that would be useful to you.

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Alexander Pearce Movie

Ah….convicts! Ahh…convict cannibal!!¬† Ahhhh…convict cannibal movie!!! This is Australian history teaching paradise. I haven’t seen the film yet, but go here for the trailer of the movie Van Dieman’s Land. There’s also an interesting interview with the director and lead actor about the film.

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Bit of Self-Promotion

Just wanted to boast¬† little – iHistory is quoted in “Reinventing Project-Based Learning”, a new book on technology and learning recently published in the US.

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Australian History Summer School

I’ve been a bit absent on this site lately. The reason is that I’ve been working 2 jobs as I prepare to go on leave from teaching until the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll still post some history stuff this year.

The Australian History Summer School in Canberra almost didn’t happen due controversy surrounding its funding – but it was fun to present at, and I got lots of positive feedback.

Here is the recording that the Summer School made of my presentation. Have a listen.

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Bushranger Melange Podcast


As a short assessment of our bushranger unit, I got my students to write (and not so short) summaries of different Australian bushrangers. Some of them you may have heard of…others are less well known.

Listen to the podcast.

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HTAV Workshop 2007

I presented again at the HTAV annual conference. Last time there were about 60 people at my workshop – this time about 20…but I found people were more open to the idea of podcasting and were quicker to think of applications to their teaching.

Here’s the little podcast we made together!

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Victoria Hill Trip

Tomorrow the class is going on a trip to Victoria Hill – hopefully more than last time will turn up! Victoria Hill is an old mining site – it hosts what was once the deepest shaft mine in the world as well as George Lansell’s first mine…he went on to make a mint out of gold.

The task sheet that I usually give them is too long for the hour that we’ll have. So here it is. If you want to listen to the podcast, go here.

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