Pre-Excursion Nerves

It is the morning of the iHistory excursion and I’m nervous. I’ve told myself a number of times that this is a new idea, so it doesn’t matter if it falls flat on its face!

But the achievement-oriented person that I am isn’t happy with that. I think part of my worry is about the uptake of technology in learning amongst other teachers. I get enough questions about this project from my colleagues to know that they are interested in the ideas, and are watching to see how it goes. If it succeeds, then others will want to try. If it doesn’t, my fear is that the project will be used as a reason not to experiment with new technology.

But this dynamic is the same with any change, not simply educational technology, so I shouldn’t be too surprised. My coup for today was getting our assistant principal and SOSE subject coordinator to supervise groups of students. It means that they will see how the technology works and the engagement of the students (hopefully!).


About Dave Fagg

I'm a dad, husband, and resident of a regional town in Bendigo. I earn a crust through freelance writing, and youth work. I am also studying sociology. When I'm not working I love reading on the couch, playing soccer with my son, and musing.
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