Teacher reflections on iHistory fieldwork- Alyssa

All 3 boys worked consistently for the whole day. Their enthusiasm never ran dry, and I did not hear any negative comments from them. They did not seek assistance from me, and were very resourceful. They seemed to enjoy the tasks and this was reflected in the amount of work they completed.

Robert emerged as the leader, and Andrew and Daniel were happy to follow his lead.

The boys did not encounter any tech difficulties with the MP3’s, they were confident, and enjoyed using them. In terms of their learning, I believe listening to the podcasts, as opposed to reading some information, was excellent in ensuring that learning was being achieved.

The main benefit of using MP3’s as an educational tool is that they engage the students. They ‘focus the students in’ on the information. Students are therefore more motivated to complete the tasks because they are employing technology to do so.

Overall, I believe the tasks were very organised, interesting, and were highly educational.

About Dave Fagg

I'm a dad, husband, and resident of a regional town in Bendigo. I earn a crust through freelance writing, and youth work. I am also studying sociology. When I'm not working I love reading on the couch, playing soccer with my son, and musing.
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