Student reflections on iHistory – video

This video is a collection of students’ thoughts about the iHistory project. The students really put a lot of energy into their responses, displaying an enviable grasp of pedagogical concepts and methods such as “going to Maccas” and “getting a day off school”.

Apart from these, there were lesser reflections. One that I noted was the concentration on aural learning. Students continually brought it up as an “easier” way to learn compared to having to deal with “lots of books”. Even proficient readers raised this as a reason to use podcasts. You can view a video about that here.
But it wasn’t simply aural learning that counted, because listening to a teacher is aural learning. As a teacher, I get very frustrated when I explain a task or concept, and then am asked 3 hundred times in the next 10 minutes to explain it again. Instead, podcasting allows the learner to listen without distraction from other students. Also, it allows simultaneous activity, which is not possible when listening to a teacher as teachers demand total attention. In addition, podcasting allows the student to listen repeatedly to information without the teacher having to repeat themselves.


About Dave Fagg

I'm a dad, husband, and resident of a regional town in Bendigo. I earn a crust through freelance writing, and youth work. I am also studying sociology. When I'm not working I love reading on the couch, playing soccer with my son, and musing.
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4 Responses to Student reflections on iHistory – video

  1. Jen Hughes says:

    Dave, congratulations. I’m most interested in your experiment – particularly the kids feedback on using the technology. Watching them
    and listening to them also reminded me what students can be like. eg lunch lunch lunch! 🙂 I have helped the Friends of Suai develop a
    media unit in Suai under the umbrella of the youth centre there. Now I am developing this will be designed using
    blog software, combined with a series of documentaries. I too will be podcasting from this site.
    I have been following the friendship between these two communities with a video camera since
    1999. Now I am putting the stories on-line and attempting to collaborate with the youth in Suai. The site will be bi-lingual to start with –
    English and Tetun. I will be looking for teachers like you and your students perhaps, in the hope that you will be interested enough to participate
    in the blog and keep your eye out for suaimediaspace at present a small template is on line, this should change dramatically in the next few months.
    My last attempt you can see at
    Again – good on you. Jen

  2. davefagg says:

    Sounds great Jen – I had a look at the webiste and it looks really clean.

  3. Jen says:

    Just a note to say suaimediaspace is currently being populated with cultural material. At the moment all sections are a little slight but slowly building. You may be interested in the Timor Ponies part of the history and the history of friendship. The most action is happening on YouTube at the moment. Jen Hughes

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