O/S responses to student podcasts

As regular readers of this blog know, my class is exchanging podcasts with a class of South Valley Jr High School (Missouri, USA). Our class has finished 3 podcasts so far, and I reckon we’ll get 2 more done. Eric Langhorst, teacher of the USA school, sent along the following remarks about these podcasts:

I had my students listen to the two podcasts that you have posted and here are their observations. They thought the information in the historic building podcast was great but the music was too loud for them to hear the information being spoken.  My students found the podcast on the convicts hard to follow because of the laughing and the mistakes that were made by the girls as they read it.  My students also had a hard time understanding some of it because of the speed with which the students were speaking and the accent was difficult to understand when it was said too fast.

I hope these comments do not offend – they were just first reactions to the podcasts we heard.  My students are VERY excited about this project and ask about it everyday in class.  We’ll be sending you our podcasts as soon as they are done and we’ll be sending along some pictures soon as well.  

Don’t worry Eric, we weren’t offended…we’ll just do our next podcasts in a thick drawl that y’all can unnerstan. Just kidding! The students who did these podcasts agreed with your comments, especially when listened again to them.

To all others who listened to the student podcasts, I and the students would really appreciate your feedback.


About Dave Fagg

I'm a dad, husband, and resident of a regional town in Bendigo. I earn a crust through freelance writing, and youth work. I am also studying sociology. When I'm not working I love reading on the couch, playing soccer with my son, and musing.
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