Trip to Sacred Heart Cathedral

Regular readers of this blog will know that I take my students on a one-off competitive fieldtrip around Bendigo, during which they use podcasts to complete tasks about the history of Bendigo, and hence, Australia.

However, I’ve got a particularly ratty (for the PC – energetic, students with different learning styles, cute) students and I need to get them out of the classroom more regularly. So, every 3 weeks we’re going out on the public bus into town and spending an hour at various locations. We had a minor glitch when 5 students failed to turn up at the bus stop, and being a public bus we couldn’t wait…needless to say it was a few students who I didn’t mind leaving behind.

John took us around and was an excellent guide, and the students really took to the tasks. At the end, 2 students that we’d left behind turned up, and one tried to skateboard down the gloriously smooth and hard aisles of the cathedral! He had a quick exit.

Site Tasks

Site Podcast


About Dave Fagg

I'm a dad, husband, and resident of a regional town in Bendigo. I earn a crust through freelance writing, and youth work. I am also studying sociology. When I'm not working I love reading on the couch, playing soccer with my son, and musing.
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