Student Reflections on iHistory Excursion


Make a comment about each of the following questions. You will need to write about 100 words in total.

  1. What do you think is good about using mp3 players to learn?
  2. On a scale of 1-5, are mp3 players useful to your learning? (1=not useful at all; 5=extremely useful)
  3. Think about the excursion. Explain 2 good points and at least 1 bad point.
  4. Describe using mp3 players on the excursion. Were they easy to operate? Could you get the information you needed?
  5. Give one other idea about mp3 players and mobile phones could be used in schools.

8 Responses to Student Reflections on iHistory Excursion

  1. David says:

    I do think it’s good to use mp3s because you can listen individually without distraction and if you miss something you can rewind and play it again.

    I think from a 1-5 scale of how useful mp3s are I would give it a 4.

    a good point about the excursion was I got to learn interesting thing and another good point was I went to places that I probably wouldn’t have gone to but one bad point was didn’t go to enough places.

    Using the mp3s were a great and easy was to do things because all the information was on it and instead of remembering thing or carry a book you just holed a mp3 player.

    In musical subjects you could listen to different styles of music and notes instead of reading about them.

  2. Robert (the Capn) says:

    I thought it was very good using mp3 players. It means you can actually listen to them in and out of class. It is a great idea. Once you have finished you can just listen to your own music.

    I think using mp3 players to learn is about a 4 on a scale of 1-5.

    One of the good points about the trip is that I got to go places I probably wouldn’t have gone to. Such as the Cathedral, Gaol and Joss House.

    Another good thing was the guided tour of the prison. I probably wouldn’t have gone there anyway, but having a guide who knows about the gaol is great. You can learn a lot more from somebody like that than you could from your teacher.

    One bad thing was that some of the answers were hard to get, and that the day lasted a bit too long.

    Using the mp3 players were really easy. We learned to use them in class so it was easy out in the field. But some of the information was hard to get. They only had little snippets for each subject.

    Another way you could use phones in schools is to have competitions. Like who can get the best photo, or who can text the fastest.

  3. laura wills says:

    .1.I think that it is good because a teacher may tell you the information earlier but then when you are doing the work for it you can go back and check the information again.

    2.I would say 4 it depends on what you put on the mp3.

    3. To good points would be 1 that you can have fun while learning 2 you can have a nice lunch out of school e.g. Like kfc. a bad point would be when we couldn’t find a certain statue.

    4. I think they were good because if you need information you can go back to the part were it says it, another god thing is that you can do all the field work and then you can back and answer all the questions that are on the sheet that you will find on the mo3.

    5. With the mp3 you could give student a sheet of work to do and the mp3 and then its there responsibility to do the questions. it would all be on the mp3. I’m not to sure about the phones tho.

  4. Samara says:

    1. You can listen and get the answers you need. You can record your answers without having to write them down. We could listen to the answers for one question while looking at another one.
    2. 3. They can help you if the answers are on them but if they’re not they don’t help you that much.
    3. We got to get away from school for the day. We got to learn about the history by going and seeing different places.
    4. Yes they were easy to use.Yes we got the information most of the time.

  5. Jayne Young says:

    1. Yes I do think it’s a good idea about using the mp3 players; you get to learn a lot about them and you get confidence to record your voice on them.
    2. 3 – because you have to listen to the recording but then you just listen to music and you don’t learn by listening to music.
    3. 1 good point is that you got to have a day off school just to learn Australian history. 2nd good point is that you got to visit historical sites like the bending gaol and that and best of all the McDonalds was good. 1 bad point was that we couldn’t find some of the statues.
    4. Sometimes because you had to listen to the recording a few times just to find what you were looking for. They weren’t that easy to operate because if you had to rewind it you sometimes went past the thing you wanted to listen to.
    5. No not really.

  6. Daniel says:

    1. It’s good because you don’t get bored listening to teachers and you can go off in groups.
    2.4 because you go off in groups and don’t have to have a teacher around.
    3.Get to go outdoors and learn. You want to try learn when it’s a race. There were no bad points on the excursion.
    4. The mp3 were easy to operate and you got most of the information you needed.
    5. Another other for mp3 and mobile phones in schools is in music subjects you could load different types of music and listen to them. Then you write information about that type of music.

  7. Jackson Bowe says:

    1) I think using the mp3 players to learn is a really smart idea, it is a modern way of learning and should be used more frequently in other classes. It is good because it’s much easier and loads more fun.
    2) 5. Mp3 players are very useful for my learning because they are more fun to use, if something is boring you do not take much notice or enthusiasm of wanting to learn about it.
    3) I really liked the excursion, it was a good chance to get outside in the sun and learn rather than sitting inside. Hardly any books were used which is good. It may have gone a little bit too long as some people may have gotten tired.
    4) I really enjoyed using the mp3 players, they were simple to operate and were very inspiring to listen to while we gathered the information we needed.
    5) I think that mp3 players can be used for a range of similar things for different subjects at school. Mobile phones I’m not quite sure about.

  8. Brianna Smith says:

    1. Yea I think that it is a great way of learning and also a very different way I enjoy it because everyone has a different way of learning and by recording your own voice builds up your confidence.
    2. 4 because I enjoy learning in this way I find it a lot easier to take things in and remember them, and it also is a lot of fun.
    3. 2 good points about the excursion were we got to learn great and interesting new things about Bendigo (I loved walking around the old Bendigo gaol), another good point about the excursion was we got to get to no other people in our class and enjoy the day with them and have fun. 1 bad point was the amount of walking we had to do around Bendigo.
    4. The Mp3 players were easy to operate and I got the information I needed to get but it was also time consuming, but also easy to take all the information in.
    5. I can’t think of another idea for you to use Mp3 players and mobile phones.

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