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Australian History Summer School

I’ve been a bit absent on this site lately. The reason is that I’ve been working 2 jobs as I prepare to go on leave from teaching until the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll still post some history stuff … Continue reading

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iHistory in educational journal

iHistory is being featured in an educational journal called Learning and Leading with Technology. This came about because I took part in some research about education and technology, which is being produced into a book by the International Society for … Continue reading

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Trial by Ordeal simulation

In Year 8 SOSE, we study medieval crimes and punishments. This is not really a podcast, but it’s a funny video. Instead of getting students to have burning coals put in their palms, I got them to…well, just watch thevideo. … Continue reading

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Technical blowout – postmortem

When listening to the “Medieval Crime & Punishment” podcast, most of the kids couldn’t hear a thing! This was not helped by the noise of their classmates (no, I do not run a perfectly ordered class). Perhaps if I had … Continue reading

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Help iHistory Win!

The iHistory podcast project has been nominated for an Edublog award, in the category “Best audio and/or visual blog“. Help us win by voting online! It’s easy: go to this link, click on the iHistory option and then “count my … Continue reading

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