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Bushranger Melange Podcast

As a short assessment of our bushranger unit, I got my students to write (and not so short) summaries of different Australian bushrangers. Some of them you may have heard of…others are less well known. Listen to the podcast.

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Victoria Hill Trip

Tomorrow the class is going on a trip to Victoria Hill – hopefully more than last time will turn up! Victoria Hill is an old mining site – it hosts what was once the deepest shaft mine in the world … Continue reading

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Timor Leste introductory podcast

G’day all. I’m beginning a unit on Timor Leste (East Timor) with my Year 8s this week, and planning to do a stations strategy again, including a podcast introducing things. I was lucky enough to be able to interview Kirsty … Continue reading

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Cyberhistory PD

Last week I presented at a PD for history teachers on how to integrate technology into history learning. Great diversity of teachers from primary, secondary as well as state, Catholic and private. They recorded their own podcast – listen here! … Continue reading

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Bizarre stats for post

I’ve been looking on the stats page for this blog, and the Medieval Crime & Punishment podcast has passed 1,000 hits over the past 2 months since it was posted. In other words, it makes up a tenth of all … Continue reading

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