Eaglehawk SC

esc yard

Eaglehawk Secondary College is located in Bendigo, a regional city in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is a Year 7-10 college, as are all the secondary colleges in Bendigo; students complete their senior years at Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

Eaglehawk itself was a separate municipality until rolled into the City of Greater Bendigo. Eaglehawk has a strongly parochial character, hence the bumper stick: “Eaglehawk: the Greater part of Bendigo.”

Like all of Bendigo, Eaglehawk was founded on the gold rush of the 19th century. Mullock heaps from shaft mines still dot the town, and a fair amount of land cannot be built on because of unstable land. Every now and then a whole house disappears into a caved in mine…this could be a myth.


11 Responses to Eaglehawk SC

  1. Jo says:

    I dont get why the used a pic of our canteen!!! hmmm

  2. davefagg says:

    Sorry about the photo Jo – it was about the only photo of the school I could find. Also, it’s probably about the most important location in the school, at least for me!

  3. sarah says:

    i go to Eaglehawk SC i am sarah nicole stokes i am in year 8 this year

  4. davefagg says:

    G’day Sarah – thanks for making a comment on the site! What do you think about the idea of using mp3s in school? How do you think they could be used? I’m interested in your opinion.

  5. susie q says:

    dv can u run an inservc 4 yr8 esc staff or can we come to your clas

  6. Jarrod Pink says:

    Hey im Jarrod Pink year 8 this year n i go 2 eaglehawk sc

  7. davefagg says:

    Cherry, what do you think of the idea of using podcasts in class?

  8. ash says:

    hi i go to this skool and it is a hole

    • Bree says:

      Hi Im on my way to this school next year and i was wondering stuff about your school.

      • Dave Fagg says:

        Thanks for your comment Bree. I was a teacher at the school until few years ago – don’t worry, I didn’t leave because it was bad! It’s a really good school…have fun

  9. crystal williams says:

    why can you up old school photos on there or photos out of the year books

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