How to create a podcast in Audacity


1. Write a script for your narrative

2. Record any interviews that you want to be part of the podcast

3. Put any music onto your computer in mp3 format

Doing it!

1. Open Audacity

2. Save your project
Go to “File”, “Save As…”, then name your project. This will be filename.aup. Keep this file because it contains all the work you do.

3. Record your narrative:
Click on the red dot (“record”) and then on the square button (“stop”) when you have finished. Don’t worry about mistakes at this stage. Just start the sentence again if you stuff it up. You will notice that a track is created.

4. Edit your narrative:
Listen to it, delete any mistakes, re-record anything that you need to.

5. Import any interviews and music
Go to “Project”, then “Import Audio”, then locate your music or interview file.

6. Line up the different tracks
If you press play, all the tracks will play on top of one another – ugly! You need to align the tracks. Locate the track you want to move. Place your cursor on this track at the location that you want to move it to. Then to go to “Project”, then “Align Tracks”, then “Align with Cursor”. That track should move to where the cursor is.

7. Creating an mp3 file.
At this stage, your Audacity project cannot be put onto a mp3 player. Go to “File”, then “Export to mp3…”. (Audacity may ask you to locate the lame.dll file – if you don’t have it, download from here ). Audacity will ask you to give your track a name and file location etc.

8. You’re done!


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