USA Podcast Exchange

Although in some ways the internet is an unmitigated curse upon developed nations, it does have some benefits. As a result of keeping this blog, and searching for others involved in the same stuff, I came across Eric Langhorst – a Year 8 teacher in the town of Liberty, Missouri. He uses ICT in many ways, much more integrated than myself – check it out here. He also keeps a blog, which features podcasts as well as his reflections on history teaching.


South Valley Jr High School (Liberty, Missouri, USA)
Anyway, we’re exchanging podcasts about the history (past and contemporary) of our local areas. I have a feeling that my students are going to be quickly embarrassed by the quality of their efforts! But that’s par for the course when trying out new technology. You can find their efforts here:

Eaglehawk SC student podcasts.

South Valley Jr High School student podcasts.


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  3. andergraph says:

    Our History Project ( is a 501c3 organization dedicated to the preservation and education of U.S. History. We have weekly shows both pre-recorded and live. We are also looking for others who are still podcasting history related shows.

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