Podcast Training

I’ve been asked every now and then to do training for school clusters and community organisations. So far I’ve done training for the Bendigo cluster, History Teacher’s Association of Victoria and PepperGreen Farm. I can train students, teachers and others on:

  • creating podcasts
  • scripting
  • historical research for podcasts
  • using sound recording software such as Audacity
  • how to put podcasts on the internet and be accessed by others
  • using podcasts in class and on excursions
  • helping students to create podcasts

Cost is dependent on the organisation and type of training you are requesting. For example, if you are a school, and I can do the training in school time, then CRT cover and travel will just about cover it. For other organisations and out-of-school time, the cost will be different.


4 Responses to Podcast Training

  1. bolshi girl says:

    u r such a little cappo, money money money. ABN MEANS they can track u & u haf to submit monthly statements. Happy birthday

  2. davefagg says:

    Actually Bolshie Girl, I don’t have to submit statements unless I make over $50,000….I’ll probably just come under that with the massive demand I’m experiencing…

  3. A concerned teacher says:

    Hey come on you should be doing this for free and helping the teachers of the world become better teachers.


  4. davefagg says:

    Dear Concerned Teacher, thanks for your comment. I had the same thought when I was thinking about this – surely a publicly funded teacher (me) should be happy to share knowledge for free, and when it comes to other public schools, I’m happy to.

    But there are costs associated:
    – I work part time, so if I do the training in my own time, I’m not getting paid for that.
    – my school, if I do the work in school time, needs to pay another teacher to cover my classes.
    – travel costs
    – material costs
    – depreciation of the technology I’m using

    Regarding private schools and community organisations, I’m happy to negotiate a payment that they can manage. Most private schools (and I know there are exceptions) charge fees which enable them to have a ready pot of money for such things. Most schools and other organisations have a budget for professional developement of their staff.

    Concerned Teacher, my thought is that I want to be able to continue to work part-time (otherwise I’d go insane), and this is one way to supplement my income.

    Thanks for the discussion starter!

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