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Podcasting is flavour of the month (at least it was in October 2006). iHistory’s even been caught up in spreading the p-word. If you would like to have iHistory train you or your organisation, contact us here.

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Knowledge Bank Online Elluminate: this is a session with Knowledge Bank, one of the generous funders of iHistory at Eaglehawk SC. I facilitated this workshop with Jenny Ashby, a podcast veteran from Epsom PS. You’ll find some resources I used for the workshop. (2006). Also, here is some feedback we received on the workshop.

HTAV Conference: I presented to about 40 keen history teachers, from all ages and types of schools…great to put my ideas out there and get a positive response. (2006)

Bendigo ICT Magic: this was a smaller bunch of teachers from the Bendigo area, but it was still a good session. This group was much more interested in the step-by-step process of creating and hosting podcasts, than the way they are integrated into learning. (2006)

PepperGreen Farm: I worked with a group of ten conservation volunteers who are creating a history trail about the Chinese and Indigenous heritage of the area. (2007)

Cyberhistory: funded by the Commonwealth History Project, this workshop brought together about 20 teachers from different sectors and age brackets to learn how to integrate history learning and technology.

Australian History Summer School: I spoke to a couple of hundred teachers from all over Australia who had given up their holidays to gain skills and knowledge to teach Australian History better. I had a ball!

See my post about it here.


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